Santa Maria del Popolo

Catholic Church

Santa Maria del Popolo

Catholic Church

Catholic Heart Work Camp 2018

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Catholic Heart Workcamp along with Catholic youth ministers and teens, have formed this ministry across the country and beyond. 13,000 strong this summer, in over 50 different cities, parish youth groups and schools have joined together to serve as Christ modeled. As bold Catholics we embrace this challenge to put ourselves aside to serve and restore homes and hearts, feed the hungry, lift the spirits of children, give hope to the disabled, and provide help through partnerships with social agencies.

CHWC provides all you need to offer your young people a positive life changing experience. You prepare at home and once you arrive…a college team of students, a manager, a director, priests to celebrate liturgy and confession, and a nurse are all ready to serve you, so that together, others will be served.


CHWC is a youth friendly, Christ centered ministry which faithfully and enthusiastically honors the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings. It is a powerful opportunity "to love the least of these".

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